The easiest way to trade Credo

A new cryptocurrency exchange for BitBounce users and Credo owners to trade.

Trustworthy & Secure

Practicing top industry standards with 24/7 maintenance and support.

Simple & Straightforward

An interface built for beginners to start, with options that allow veterans to thrive.

No Hidden Fees

No extra charges, no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

Useful Currency Pairings

Trade Credo to Ethereum instantly. We’re working hard to adopt the most popular currency pairings.


Earn Credos for signing up

Take it as a sign of thanks, from our inbox to yours. Start trading your Credo on CredoEx today, and we will send you your first Credos as soon as your account is created.

How to get started trading

  1. Sign up and verify

    Like all cryptocurrency exchanges, CredoEx requires identity verification before you can legally trade. Existing BitBounce users should sign in with their BitBounce password.

  2. Fund your account

    Prepare your first trades by adding funds to your account.

  3. Start trading

    Trade Credo, Ethereum, and the other upcoming currencies on the CredoEx platform, safely and securely.

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What is BitBounce?

BitBounce is an email service that pays you for every email you receive in your inbox from an unfamiliar sender. Protect yourself from unsolicited emails by putting up a paywall for your attention and see how to stop spam emails while earning money with BitBounce.

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What is Credo?

Credo is the digital currency that lets BitBounce users protect their inboxes. Credo acts as the token of exchange that allows emails from strangers to enter your inbox, and lets you get paid to receive them.

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