Cryptocurrency trading, simplified

Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Credo, and others on a secure digital asset platform.

Trade Top Digital Currencies

Instantly trade between over a dozen top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Credo, and TrueUSD. CredoEx is the onramp for thousands of new people to join the crypto economy.

Pioneer in Security

CredoEx maintains SSL and Two-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator and provides email alerts for deposits.

Customer First

Customers are the center of our exchange. We built CredoEx with beginners in mind, alongside advanced functionality for veterans. Trade from your desktop with no hidden fees or charges, backed by leading 24/7 maintenance and support.

Find out more about our approach at the
 CredoEx Learning Center.

Powered by BitBounce & Credo

CredoEx is built by BitBounce, an email service that pays customers in the Credo cryptocurrency for emails they receive from unfamiliar senders. CredoEx integrates directly with BitBounce, so users can trade their email earnings to over a dozen currencies seamlessly, but you don’t have to be a BitBounce user to trade on CredoEx.